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Danish Maid  Danish Days 2016

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2016 Danish Maid
Natalya Nielsen

“I am deeply honored to serve as Solvang’s 2016 Danish Maid. Since a very young age, I have been dreaming of becoming Danish Maid. I would proudly wear my ‘Future Danish Maid’ sash in parades and while serving breakfast, waiting for my turn. Now, it is an absolute privilege that I have the opportunity to represent my heritage, family, and town in such a special way,” said Natalya.

Natalya was born on July 14, 1999, and two months later, in September, she attended her first Danish Days. Natalya donned her first Danish Days costume – from Elna’s Dress Shop – at the age of one. When Natalya was eight years old, her family from Norway sent her a Norwegian bunad, the traditional dress of Norway, which shares many characteristics with that of the traditional Danish costume. She wore a bunad until the age of 13, when she started wearing one of her grandmother, Ann Nielsen’s, old dresses.

Natalya’s 2016 Danish Maid dress is inspired by the traditional costumes from her family’s origins of Mors, Denmark; the dress is handmade by Roberta Skidmore, who incorporated old lace from Natalya’s great-grandmother, Margaret’s, apron into the cap, and a neck collar from one of Margaret’s dresses into the sleeves of Natalya’s new dress.


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